Nonduality Meetings – in virtual space of ZOOM…

Meeting ID: 358 390 798, Password: 559403
Tuesday and Thursday’s evenings – 7.30-9pm
Australian Eastern Standard Time
To check the time difference put Melbourne and your city:

Julia Rotunno will be hosting an additional zoom meeting with Bob on Monday 09.30am

Sunday in USA
4:30 PM Pacific
5:30 PM Mountian
6:30 PM Central
7:30 PM Eastern

link is:

SUNDAY 10.30 am: Nonduality Meetings – group at home (with the exception of lockdown situation, please review local news or email us for specifics), 4/950 Burke Road with live-stream on FB Page  
Needless to say, for general safety, PLEASE DO NOT COME if you have any symptoms of virus, flu or you have recently been in contact with someone who has.

Contact Bob if you are interested in a one-to-one mentoring, either in person, over the phone or though Skype. Please use green button or type

One to one mentoring session with Bob 
have enabled many people to end the search 
for enlightenment by dispelling the myth 
of separate, personal self.

Meetings “in person” are now possible (with the exception of lockdown situations, please check the news of email us for an update)

Unit 4 / 950 Burke Road,  3103 Deepdene

Tram 72 – last stop; Tram 109 – stop No 42

To park the car type in your GPS: 2 or 4 Whitehorse Rd

You can schedule a meeting with Bob “in person” now, simply email to set the date and time. Bob’s wife Kat is also available individually or with Bob – on request. Email

“When you come into this room, leave your concepts outside the door with your shoes” – Sailor Bob



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