Please check this out, hundreds of hours of quality attention and shared love, brilliant pointers on beautiful sailor’s elements from private collection, sea and sky.
Limited edition due to limited budget. And there won’t be any profit so there (most likely) won’t be any re-stocking.
Estimated by the sale of books, there is 380 decks for America and 180 for the rest of the world.
Hope you’ll love them as much as we do, quality is excellent, CONTENT – MINDBLOWING ❣️

SAILOR BOB - Bags of pointers to nonduality

Kat's book is not just one more transcript of Bob's brilliant talks, it is more than that. You may find ‘your’ pointer amongst these over 200 key-words — one or a few which ring the bell, feel true in your heart. Here you will also find many experiments and exercises as well as examples of individual stories of people who did see through following Bob's directions. I have changed some of their names on request. 93K words, about 400 pages.

Presence-Awareness - edited by Gilbert Schultz and John Wheeler

The dialogues contained in this book are a testimony to 'Sailor' Bob Adamson's wisdom and clarity in action. Bob's words always go to the heart of matter. They are uncompromising and direct pointing to the fact of our own being. His words are filled with warmth, energy, clarity and humour. His teaching is the essential message of non-duality presented in the most direct and clear terms.

One Essence - edited by Gilbert Schultz

It is in our nature to recognize it once we hear it. The habitual mind of belief is bypassed, if only briefly, and the natural state of direct knowing comes to the fore. This is followed by a simple investigation within oneself of what is indicated within these pages. There are many points to contemplate and natural insights will arise simply because the 'pointers' themselves are potent and true.

What's Wrong With Right Now?

This book has turned many seekers around and ended a tedious search for what they had been overlooking, for many decades in some cases. This book is packed with mind stopping pointers, that enable a recognition to take place. Primarily, what can be recognized is that there is nothing to acquire or achieve regarding the search for meaning.


This is a masterpiece writen solely by Bob himself. It contains short paragraphs of real pearls of pointing. Not XL in volume but increadibly potent for reflection, contemplation. By many regarded as the best book ever written.

Living Reality

Spiritual talk with arguably the greatest non-duality teacher alive continued from morning till night, as James' dearest friends and spiritualists from around the country joined the investigations into the truth of reality versus the illusion of appearance. This is a story of liberation, friendship, humor, and love...