Newest FB live-streamed recordings from Sunday’s meetings are on YouTube channel for those who cannot join us in person – here is the link to Bob’s YouTube channel.

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Satsang from March 2022. Beautiful deep dive into the core of the apparent individual. Strong group, many in it who are beyond the need for further help - just sharing love.

“You will never find the answer in the mind. To the mind, presence-awareness is no-thing. It hasn’t got any shape, it hasn’t got any form, it hasn’t got any beginning or an end. The very idea there is something to seek and someone to seek implies time, and time is mind. You will never find the answer in the mind.”


Amazing story about Sailor Bob and Kat Adamson, their joining and service

After unexpected, surprising interview with Relationship Therapist Mukti Jarvis in February 2020, we decided to respond to requests from friends and share our incredible story. May it inspire, motivate to question our apparent limitations, and bring peace to those who exhibit hostility or unease towards us. Here is a short trailer:


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