Many writers were inspired by Bob’s teachings and presented the message with their own ‘take-up’ on it, others transcribed his talks and made it available world-wide. 

These are just few of them, for which consent was given by copyright owners.

Living Reality by James Braha - Paper pack

In the summer of 2004, Sailor Bob Adamson - one of the greatest teachers of non duality and Eastern mysticism - visited the home of James Braha, where talks were held for five weeks. The talks, which were transcibed, make up 250 pages of the book, while the remaining 100 pages is commentary by author

Living Reality - kindle

Spiritual talk with arguably the greatest non-duality teacher alive continued from morning till night, as James' dearest friends and spiritualists from around the country joined the investigations into the truth of reality versus the illusion of appearance. This is a story of liberation, friendship, humor, and love...

Presence-Awareness - edited by John Wheeler - hard copy

This is a very special book, because the editor made it a tribute to Bob, didn't claim it as his intellectual property which means - buying it - small symbolic support will reach the author 🙂

44 chapters, 150 pages of beautiful, clear pointing, well edited, presented in simple but in-depth convesations.

Presence-Awareness - edited by John Wheeler - kindle

The dialogues contained in this book are a testimony to 'Sailor' Bob Adamson's wisdom and clarity in action. Bob's words always go to the heart of matter. They are uncompromising and direct pointing to the fact of our own being. His words are filled with warmth, energy, clarity and humour. His teaching is the essential message of non-duality presented in the most direct and clear terms.

What's Wrong With Right Now by Gilbert Schultz - Paper

This book has turned many seekers around and ended a tedious search for what they had been overlooking, for many decades in some cases. This book is packed with mind stopping pointers, that enable a recognition to take place. Primarily, what can be recognized is that there is nothing to acquire or achieve regarding the search for meaning.

What's Wrong With Right Now - kindle

I produced this book as a first edition in 2001 because I recognized its potency and because one of the pointers demolished the activity of belief. Belief is never something real but one does not suspect this is so. When belief is dissolved, the unrelenting fact of being shines forth, unencumbered by the dullness of beliefs and misunderstandings.

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