In 1976 Bob spent 12 months with Nisargadatta Maharaj in Bombay and since then, for many, many years – thousands of seekers are coming from all over the world to his home in Melbourne, Australia – for small group meetings or individual sessions. Bob is also relentlessly answering phone (or – more recently – Skype) calls for over 40 years.

Some of the seekers would grasp few pointers and get certain relief from suffering, others would keep coming back till all questions got extinguished and ‘questioner’ dissolves into nothing.

Countless have passed beyond the need for further help by fully waking up from the nightmare of belief in being separate individuals!
Many of them write books, do their own pointing or just quietly serve ‘themselves in others’ wherever Life places them.
The potential to recognize this simplicity of presence awareness is here now, it lays right in front of us, under the veil of ever changing, passing thoughts… Which are just another way the One Essence appears and expresses itself.

Non Duality Meetings

Meetings are held at Bob’s home in Deepdene (between Camberweel, Balwyn and Kew) every Tuesday and Thursday evening – from 7.15pm till 9pm and every Sunday morning, 9.45 – 11.30am. 

Address: unit 4 at 950 Burke Road, Deepdene VIC 3103. 

It is last stop on tram 72 or stop No 42 on line 109.

Non-duality with Sailor Bob

Melbourne, AU
178 Members

We start from the fact that you already are THAT and if you think you are not experiencing it right now, we point out what may be obscuring it. We are looking at the conceptua…

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Non Duality with Sailor Bob (Nisargadatta’s friend and forme…

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019, 7:15 PM
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Sailor Bob Adamson – only THAT

Melbourne, AU
128 Members

Anyone interested in finding their true nature through following simple but effective pointers and investigating “who is the ‘me'”. Since 40 years I have been free from this p…

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Non duality spiel and discussion

Sunday, Feb 24, 2019, 9:45 AM
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Contact: Bob Adamson.

Mentoring ONE on ONE with Sailor Bob at his home, over the phone or Skype can be arranged. Usual donation is $60. 


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