Sailor Bob  Adamson

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Sailor Bob Adamson is recognized as one of the world's foremost contemporary teachers of Non-Duality.  Renowned for the simplicity, clarity and directness of his  teaching, he speaks with a warmth and compassion that goes straight to the heart.   His message is that you are already that and the understanding is available for all who truly care to look.

Bob's own spiritual; search ended in 1976 in the presence of his final teacher Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (I Am That).  Since then, Bob has been speaking about Non-Duality with groups in Australia as well as overseas.  His words have touched the lives of many, and they too have clearly seen what is being pointed to.  Bob lives and teaches in Melbourne, Australia and attracts people from around the world to the meetings held at his home.

I AM not speaking to any 'body'.
I AM not speaking to any 'mind'.
I AM speaking to THAT I AM that I AM,
that expresses through
the mind as the thought I AM.
Just THIS, NOTHING else.

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"Truth or reality cannot be stored, cannot be amassed - it does not accumulate. The value of any insight, understanding, or realisation can only be in the ever-fresh presence of the moment. Yesterday's realisation is not a bit of good – it is dead, it has lost its vitality.  It is useless to try and cling to or hold onto an insight, understanding, or realisation, for only in its movement can ever-fresh and new insights of truth or reality appear.  The idea of enlightenment or self-realisation as a onetime event or a lasting and permanent state or experience is an erroneous concept. Understand-ING or know-ING is alive in the immediacy which can never be negated. The emphasis is on the activity of know-ING which is going on as the immediacy now - not the dead concept I understand or I know.”           
Bob Adamson

Extracts of conversations with some of Bob’s students:


“Sailor Bob Adamson pointed out very directly that I was not the limited person I had assumed myself to be. To this day, I marvel at the clarity, effectiveness and thoroughness of Bob's pointers. I am deeply touched by the great kindness and warmth of heart he shares with those who seek his guidance. Bob's impact on the world of non-dual spirituality has been immense and continues to grow."

John Wheeler.


"This guy is able to transmit the knowledge that he's got, which is - what you are seeking you already are. The daily life here has being utterly re-ordered. Most of the time it’s about functioning and awareness and a new awareness of subtleties. In taking Bob’s words more literally than my mind-had previously been capable of taking anyone's words, it seems like an end to problems' Thanks to his insights, there's a transparency about their (potential) nature.

As Bob says, "Emotions are just continuity of thought and problems are continuity of thought as well". Therefore any (potential) problems have lost the capability of being construed as problems,  and that pointing is the gift this man has to offer and he does it humbly without spiritual convolution, hypocrisy or dogma. This is the closest I can come to explaining the impact this knowledge is having on my life. Put in a nutshell more love flourishing, spontaneous "ordered" seeming chaos just coming up and functioning.”

John Lindland


"What Bob refers to as the understanding is not something that is rare - it is the clear seeing that is available to all who care to really look. Bob invites those who come to listen to really see and get a taste of their true nature. He is keen to point out that it is not just for the few, it's for everyone. In the seeing that he speaks about, the illusory nature of what had been taken as the real simply loses its bind and there is nothing more to do. For those who do truly see, the search ends and there is a profound sense of what can only be described as wellbeing - a total freedom from all psychological bondage.”

Kalyani Lawry.


"There are many things that could be said about Bob's teaching but it speaks most clearly for itself. It can be shocking in its directness and yet there is a warmth to it- a sense of coming home. There is no emphasis on any conceptual notions about some future time when things will "become" better. It is always about being- this moment of presence awareness - the fact of your own being."

Gilbert Schultz