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Shipping charges only apply to books.  MP3 purchases are immediate downloads and will not be shipped.

Shipping charges are listed in the product description and will be added in the Shopping Cart.  Please make sure your correct shipping address is listed so there are no issues getting your purchase to you.


Each MP3 is recorded and processed to ensure the best possible quality.  Please keep the following in mind when purchasing:

1.  Recordings are not done in a sound studio but in a normal environment with sounds of voices, the street, cars, etc. 

2.  Bob's accent is sometimes difficult to understand.

3.  Normal audio sounds may be present - i.e. clicks, warble, etc. 

If there is some technical issue with the site or download, all attempts will be made to get the MP3 to you as soon as possible.  Refunds will not be given for any of the above reasons, but only if the purchased MP3 cannot be delivered.

If you have issues receiving your download please contact us and we will make sure the issue is corrected and you receive your download as soon as possible. 

Any refund can only be posted after receiving confirmation of payment through PayPal.  The site will not be responsible for any technical issues with PayPal.  Please ensure you receive a proper receipt for your purchase through PayPal.

Refunds cannot be given for Gift Certificates.

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